Teaching Affairs Office

The Office of Teaching Affairs led by the Chancellor is responsible for the teaching and its administration of the undergraduates in the university. Its major function could be listed as follows.


1. To be responsible for the construction, evaluation, and application of the majors, the draft of the major cultivation program, the selection of the major leaders, etc. 


2. To be responsible for the construction and management of the undergraduate courses, the selection of course leaders, the formulation of the course syllabus, and application of high-quality courses.


3. To be responsible for the teaching reform, the application, administration and evaluation of teaching reform projects, the application of the Teaching Achievement Prize.


4. To be responsible for the e-registration and the management of the school roll, the issue and management of the students¡¯ ID, graduate certificates and diploma certificates.


5. To be responsible for the selection and joint cultivation of the undergraduates in accordance with the cooperative agreements with renowned universities.


6. To be responsible for operation and the oversight of the daily teaching.


7. To be responsible for the teaching practice and the building of teaching bases.


8. To be responsible for the audit and evaluation of the teaching quality under the assistance of the Teaching Supervision Committee of JGSU.


9. To be responsible for the construction, subscription, purchase and distribution of the students¡¯ textbooks.


10. To be responsible for organization and implementation of the College English Test, College Computer Test and Putonghua Test.


11. To be responsible for the teaching contests for the students from diverse majors at various levels.


12. To be responsible for admission plan of each major; and the organization of the ¡°Upgrading Examination¡± and enrollment of associate students for bachelor¡¯s degree.).


13. To be responsible for the standardization and normalization of Chinese language and the promotion of Putonghua in Jinggangshan University.


14. To be responsible for the sports contest and physical test under the guidance of the University Commission for Physical Culture and Sports.


15 To implement the other jobs assigned by the university leaders.