School of Marxism

  The School of Marxism was founded in February, 2011 on the framework of the former Department of Political and Ideological Teaching. It has a faculty of more than 40 full-time members, including 10 professors, 10 associate professors. Among the faculty are 9 teachers with PhD or PhD candidates, 3 teachers granted with province-level Teaching Backbone and 4 teachers as tutors for Master¨s degree in other universities such as Nanchang University and Jiangxi Normal University, etc.


  The past few years have seen the rapid development of SFL in discipline, specialty and course construction. The Discipline of Marxism Theory has been rated as Key Discipline of Jiangxi Province and the Discipline of History of Communist Party of China as the Key Discipline of Jinggangshan University respectively. The School of Marxism has laid much emphasis on the cultivation of teaching and scientific research ability. Currently, two courses were granted as university-level Modal Course. More than 260 academic papers and 10 monographs were published in recent years, and nearly 50 projects of various levels were granted to the teachers of the School of Marxism.


  School of Marxism offers one undergraduate major, i.e. History of Chinese Revolution and Communist Party of China since September, 2011.


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