School of Mechanical Engineering

  The School of Mechanical Engineering is composed of 3 departments, i.e. Department of Electrical Engineering, Department of Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation, and Department of Biomedical Engineering, and one academic institute, i.e. Mechatronics Engineering Institute.


  The School of Mechanical Engineering offers 4 undergraduate majors, i.e. Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation, Material Processing and Control, Electrical Engineering and Automation, Biomedical Engineering, with more than 1400 registered students.


  It has a faculty of 65 full-time members, including 8 professors, 13 associate professors. Among the faculty are 5 teachers with doctoral degree, 6 doctoral candidates, 27 with master¨s degree, 2 candidates of Jiangxi Hundred, Thousand, and Ten Thousand Talents Project, 5 teachers as tutors for master¨s degree, and 3 as Youth and Middle-aged Backbone Teacher of Jiangxi province, 3 as New Century Youth and Middle-aged Discipline Leader of Ji¨an Municipality.


  The past few years have seen the rapid development of the School of Mechanical Engineering in discipline, specialty and course construction. Currently, the Major of Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation was elected as experimental specialty for cultivation of excellent engineers of Jiangxi Province; the Course of Mechanical Drawing and Engineering Mechanics as province-level High-quality Courses. The School of Mechanical Engineering has also constructed research bases of various levels for the promotion of academic research, including Experimental Teaching Demonstration Centre in Universities of Jiangxi (i.e. Engineering Training Experimental Teaching Demonstration Centre), Research Centre for CNC Machine Engineering, Engineering Research Centre of Manufacturing Information, Engineering Research Centre of Hydraulic Pressure, Engineering Research Centre of Bionic Packaging, and JGSU-GE Automation System Laboratory co-established with GE Company of U.S.A.


  The School of Mechanical Engineering has laid much emphasis on academic research. More than 560 academic papers, including 65 indexed by SCI, EI and ISTP, and 29 monographs were published in the past 10 years. And nearly 40 projects of various levels were granted to the teachers of SFL, including 4 projects funded by NNSF. In addition, 1 province-level Prize for Natural Science (3rd Class), 2 Science and Technology Achievement Prizes (3rd Class) and 2 Teaching Achievement Prizes (2nd Class) were granted to the staff of the School of Mechanical Engineering.


  School of Mechanical Engineering has always put quality above anything else and attached great importance to the talents cultivation. The students of the School of Mechanical Engineering have been conferred various awards in the contest at the national, provincial, city and university levels, such as National Challenge Cup Contest and Robot Contest of China and Mechanical Innovative Design Competition. Meanwhile, the School of Mechanical Engineering constantly focuses on the fostering the development of regional economy through scientific research and technological development and application.



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