School of Physical Education


  The School of Physical Education is composed of 3 departments, i.e. Department of Physical Education, Department of Sports Training and Department of Public Sports Teaching. It offers 3 undergraduate majors, i.e. Physical Education, Sports Training and Social Sport Instruction and Management, with more than 800 registered students.


  The school of Physical Education has a reasonably structured high-quality faculty team. It has a faculty of 85 members, including 7 professors, 25 associate professors, 9 teachers with doctoral degree, and 3 doctoral candidates. Among the faculty are 3 Young and Middle-aged Backbone Teachers in Jiangxi and 6 tutors for Master¨s degree.


  The past few years have seen the rapid development of the School of Physical Education in discipline, specialty and course construction. The Major of Physical Education is granted as the province-level Feature Specialty; the course of Track and Field as province-level High-quality Course. More than 30 projects have been granted to the staff of the school, including 1 projects funded by NNSF; and more than 300 academic papers and 10 monographs have been published in recent years.


  The School of Physical Education lays much emphasis on the training and cultivation of the students¨ physical ability. Students have achieved outstanding success in various fields in the University Games of Jiangxi, such as Orienteering, Martial Arts, Table Tennis, Free Combat, Aerobics, and Basketball, etc.


  The School of Physical Education is equipped with a gymnasium covering an area of 1, 2000 km2 and a ground field for physical practice and training. In addition, the school has constructed 2 laboratories, i.e. Physical Health Centre and Sports Anatomy Lab to ensure the launching of practical teaching. It has also established cooperative relationship with renowned Peking Sport University and Shanghai Sport University. In addition, it cultivates jointly the undergraduate students with Shanghai Sport University.


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