Non-degree Programs



Short -time Training of Chinese Language


Teaching language

English & Chinese


no degree (only complete certificate)


3 months, half a year or 1 year

Start date

September 2014

Tuition fee

RMB 4000 for 3 months; RMB 6000 for half a year; RMB11000 for 1 year

Room fee

RMB1200 for 3 months; RMB1800 for half a year; RMB3500 for 1 year

Registration fee

RMB500 or 100 USD


RMB 300 for half a year; 600 for 1 year

Application fee

RMB 500 or 100 USD

Main or Core courses

Comprehensive Chinese (elementary, intermediate), Chinese Reading (elementary, intermediate), Chinese Listening (elementary, intermediate), Chinese Speaking (elementary, intermediate), Chinese writing, Chinese listening and speaking, China Introduction and Chinese Culture etc.

Application requirements
Applicants must be non-Chinese citizens with a valid passport, in good health condition.
Application documents
1. Jinggangshan University Application Form for Foreign Students with a photograph fixed, which is  
 available at
2. One photocopy of your valid passport
Note: The applications materials and related documents will not be returned.