School of Humanities

  The School of Humanities is composed of 3 departments, i.e. Chinese Department, History Department and Department of Journalism and 2 research institutes, i.e. Centre for Luling Culture Studies and Centre for Study of Intangible Cultural Heritage. It offers 7 undergraduate majors, i.e. Chinese, Chinese Education, International Chinese Education, Journalism, Television Broadcasting Science, Radio & Television Editing & Directing, and History, with 1388 registered students.


  The School of Humanities has a reasonably structured high-quality faculty team. It has a faculty of 90 members, including 12 professors, 42 associate professors, 22 teachers with PhD, 40 with MA degree and 3 PhD. candidates. Among the faculty are 3 Young and Middle-aged Backbone Teachers of Universities in Jiangxi, 1 candidate of Jiangxi Hundred, Thousand, and Ten Thousand Talents Project, 1 province-level Discipline Leader, and 11 part-time professors.


  The past few years have seen the rapid development of the School of Humanities in discipline, specialty and course construction. The Major of Chinese is granted as the National Feature Specialty, the Brand Major of Universities in Jiangxi, and the Experimental Major for Comprehensive Reform of Universities in Jiangxi. The Discipline of Ancient Chinese Literature is rated as province-level Key Discipline in the 10th and 11th Five-Year Plan of Jiangxi. Two courses of Ancient Chinese Literature and Chinese Linguistics are rated as province-level High-quality Course. The Teaching Team of Ancient Chinese Literature is elected as province-level Excellent Teaching Team.


  The research on Luling Culture has bore fruits and a series of academic papers and monographs on Luling history and historic figures have been published in recent years. 85 projects of various levels have been granted to the staffs of the School of Humanities, including 9 projects funded by NSSFC. In addition 7 province-level prizes have been awarded to the teachers of the School of Humanities and the students have frequently been awarded in the national and provincial contests.


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