School of Business

  School of Business(SOB, hereafter), a comprehensive school with two types of disciplines, i.e. Economics and Management, is made up of 2 departments i.e. Department of Economics and Department of Business Administration and , and 3 research institutes, i.e. The Regional Economy Research Institute, The Regional Planning and Industry Development Centre, The Industry Development Centre of Ji¨an Municipality. It offers 6 undergraduates majors, i.e. Economics, International Economy and Trade, Accounting, Marketing Management, Financial Management and Tourism Management, with 1,629 registered students.  


  At present, School of Business has 72 faculty and staff members, including 62 full-time teachers, 10 professors, 16 associate professors and 14 with doctoral degrees, and 38 with master¨s degree. Among the staff is 1 teacher as member of Management Division of Social Science Committee, Ministry of Education, 1 teacher as Ph.D. supervisor in both Tongji University and Nanchang University, 5 teachers as senior consultants of provincial and municipal governments and big companies. SOB has also engaged 14 experts and entrepreneurs from Peking University, Remin University of China and other large enterprises and institutions as part-time professors.


  The past few years have witnessed the rapid development of SOB in discipline, specialty and course construction. SOB has laid much emphasis on the cultivation of teaching and scientific research ability. Four discipline teams are organized within the staff of SOB, forming four disciplines, i.e. Regional Economics (province-level key discipline), Applied Economics, Industrial Economics and International Trade, and Accounting and Corporate Management (university-level key disciplines).


  Currently, the Major of Tourism Management was granted as province-level Feature Specialty. More than 350 academic papers and 12 monographs were published in the past 5 years; nearly 100 projects of various levels, including the National Key Technology R & D Program and projects funded by the National Social Science Fund of China (NSSFC), were granted to the teachers of SOE. 7 Social Science Outstanding Achievement Awards of provincial and municipal level were conferred to the staffs of SOB.


  SOB has possessed two laboratories, i.e. the Simulation Laboratories of Business Administration and System Analysis and the Financial Accounting Simulation Laboratories, and one Reference Room. 


  SOB has alwaysput quality above anything else and attached great importance to the cultivation of interdisciplinary talents under the guideline of People Oriented. The students of SOB have been conferred various awards in the contest at the provincial, city and university levels. In recent years, students in SOB have won the bronze medals in `Challenge Cup¨ National Undergraduate Entrepreneurial Plan Competition. In addition, in the first `E Roads Cup¨ Cross-strait and the Fourth Mainland Undergraduate Network Business Innovation Application Competition, two student teams were awarded first and second prize in the Continental Division and South Division respectively. Moreover, SOB has set up students training and employment base in Guangdong, Zhejiang, and so on.


  SOB also put much attention on academic exchange with related universities or research institutions. Scholars from famous institutions, such as Stanford University, Essex University and Peking University have visited and given lectures in SOB. Meanwhile, teachers of SOB also actively participate in various academic activities at home and abroad and have built tight academic relations with the scholars from those universities. Each year 7 top undergraduate selected from SOB are sent to study in Tongji University and Xiamen University for two years in accordance with the cooperative agreement between JGSU and the two renowned universities.



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