School of Life Sciences

The School of Life Science is composed of 2 departments, i.e. Department of Biology and Department of Environmental Science, offering 5 undergraduate major, i.e. Biological Science, Biotechnology, Environmental Science, Environmental Engineering, and Landscape Design, with 771 full-time students.


The School of Life Science is equipped with a high-caliber teaching team with excellent members. It has a faculty of 54 members, including 6 professors, 12 associate professors, 23 teachers with doctoral degree and 7 doctoral candidates. Among the faculty are 2 candidates of Ministry of Education New Century Excellent Talents Project, 4 candidates of Jiangxi Hundred, Thousand, Ten Thousand Talents Project, 1 province-level Discipline Leader, 1 province-level Outstanding Teacher, 8 province-level Young and Middle-aged Backbone Teachers and 5 tutors for masterĄŻs degree. The school has also engaged a number of famed specialists, such as Professor Qi Zhenwu and Zhao Qiguo, academicians of Chinese Academy of Science, to be part- time professors.


The past few years have seen the rapid development of the School of Life Science in discipline, specialty and course construction. The Major of Biological Science is granted as the National Feature Specialty, and the major to enroll the first batch high school students in Jiangxi Province. The Discipline of Biology is rated as Advanced-level Discipline of Jiangxi. Three courses of Ecology, Botany and Zoology are granted as province-level High-quality Courses. The Teaching Team of Ecological Environment and Resource is elected as province-level Excellent Teaching Team. Biological Science Innovative Talents Cultivation Model is rated as province-level Talents Cultivation Innovative and Experimental Zone. The province-level Teaching Achievement Prize (2nd Class) is awarded twice to the staffs of the school.


The School of Life Science has attached much importance to the construction of laboratory and research bases. Two province-level key laboratories have been constructed in the School of Life Science, i.e. the Laboratory of Biological Diversity and Ecological Engineering and the Laboratory of Ecological Environment and Resources, which have effectively spurred on the development of the schoolĄŻs teaching and talents cultivation, turning into the schoolĄŻs Ą°benchmarkĄ± of academic innovation. In the past 6 years, 22 projects funded by NNSF and 70 province-level projects have been granted to the staffs of the School of Life Science, with its research fund reaching more than RMB 13,500,000. In addition, more than 380 academic papers among which 47 were indexed by SCI, EI and ISTP, and 20 monographs were published. 


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