School of Medicine

  Founded in 1958, the School of Medicine is composed of 3 departments, i.e. Department of Basic Medicine, Department of Pharmacy and Department of Public Health, offering 5 undergraduate majors, i.e. Pharmacy, Clinical Medicine, Chinese Medicine, Stomatology and Preventive Medicine.There are more than 1300 full-time students in the School of Medicine, but students majoring in Clinical Medicine, Chinese Medicine and Stomatology will be transferred to the School of Clinical medicine after the first 3-year basic learning. 


  The School of Medicine has a faculty of 74 members, including 9 professors, 18 associate professors, 8 teachers with doctoral degree, 2 doctoral candidates and 26 with masters¨ degree. Among the faculty are 5 province-level Young and Middle-aged Backbone teachers, 1 candidate of Jiangxi Hundred, Thousand and Ten Thousand Talent Project, 1 province-level Outstanding Teacher.


  The past years have seen the rapid development of academic research, course, laboratory and discipline construction. Currently, 7 national projects and 29 provincial projects were granted to the staffs of the School of Medicine, including 5 projects funded by NNSF and 2 projects supported by National Key Technology R & D Program. The course of Pharmacology and Systematic Anatomy were granted as province-level High-quality and Bilingual Model Course respectively. In addition, the school is equipped with advanced facilities for practical teaching, worth as much as RMB 10 million. The school has constructed two research institutes, i.e. the Branch Centre of Jinggangshan University, Cooperative Research Center on Evidence-based Medicine (EBM) by Ministry of Education in China and Laboratory of Medical Biotechnology. One province-level teaching team is organized in the school. Furthermore, the School of Medicine has been granted to participate in the first batch of Excellent Doctors Training Plan supported by Ministry of Education.


  More than 160 graduates from the School of Medicine have been admitted to further study in Peking University, Tongji University, Wuhan University, Sun Yat-sen University, etc. after passing the postgraduate examination since 2010.


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