School of Nursing

  The School of Nursing, with only one department, i.e. Department of Nursing, has a faculty of 46 full-time members, including 4 professors, 14 associate professors. Among the faculty are a number of ^Technician-Teachers ̄ who have undertaken nursing for more than 10 years. More than 10 teachers have studied in famous medical universities in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. A nursing education system is formed in the School of Nursing featuring a combination of humanity spirit, classroom teaching and clinical practice, attaching great importance to integration of natural science with medical basis.


  The past few years have seen the rapid development of the School of Nursing in talents cultivation and it has laid much emphasis on the scientific research. More than 100 academic papers and nearly 50 textbooks on nursing were compiled. Nearly 30 projects of various levels were granted to the teachers of the School of Nursing, including one teacher participating in the project of National Natural Science Foundation of China (NNSF). Meanwhile, two patents were obtained by the staffs of the School of Nursing.


  The School of Nursing is equipped with modern and advanced laboratory covering an area of 1860m2. It has established 64 Teaching Practice Bases at home and abroad, such UK, Beijing, Shanghai and Fuzhou, etc. to ensure the training of practical ability of the students.


  In recent years, the School of Nursing has signed cooperative agreements with Coventry University, Nottingham University of UK and Edith Cowan University of Australia respectively, aiming at a joint education program for the nursing undergraduates under the model of ^2+2 ̄ or ^3+1 ̄ (To study 2 years in JGSU and 2 years abroad; To study 3 years in JGSU, and 1 year abroad).


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