School of Arts

  Currently the School of Arts is made up of two departments, Departments of Music and Department of Fine Art, offering seven undergraduate majors, i.e. Music, Dance Performance, Performance, Fine Arts, Visual Communication Design, Environmental Design, and Animation. There are 1,621 full-time students in the School of Arts.


  The School of Arts has 65 faculties, including 6 professors, 14 associate professors, and 32 teachers with MA degrees.


  The past few years have seen the rapid development of the School of Arts in discipline, specialty and course construction. The Major of Music and Art Design(original major name in the major list of Ministry of Education, which is now called Visual Communication Design, Environmental Design) were granted as national and university-level Feature Specialty respectively. In 2010, Jinggangshan University was awarded as ^Education Model Base of Red Classic Arts ̄. In recent years, the staffs have published 312 academic papers, completed 42 research projects, compiled 14 textbooks, and won 329 prizes of various levels. More than 280 works of music, dance and art designs tutored by the teachers in the School of Arts were awarded with prizes of national and provincial levels. In 2010, students from Departments of Music and Fine Arts were granted with the first prize in the Teaching Basic Skills Contest (i.e. speaking and writing for future teachers) and in the Dance Competition for University Students in Jiangxi Province.


  The School of Arts adheres to the principle of cultivation of talents with the Jingganshan Spirit, integrating the Red Classics into the teaching of music and fine arts and bearing abundant fruits. The Musical Dance Epic Jinggangshan, composed by China Executive Leadership Academy (Jinggangshan), Tongji University and Jinggangshan University, has put on show for more than 160 times in such institutions as Ministry of Education, Ministry of Science and Technology, China Executive Leadership Academy (Jinggangshan), Tongji University, Xiamen University and Jinggangshan University, winning enormous public praise and attracting much attention of new media. Staffs and students of the Department of Fine Arts have created a large number of animations, sequential picture books, posters, among which the animation ^I want to be a Red Army Solider ̄ was awarded the first prize by the Ministry of Education in the Red Animation Competition of ^To Follow the Party Forever ̄.


  The School of Arts attaches great importance to the students¨ innovation and practical skills. Practical Teaching Centers such as Environmental Ceramic and Public Art Research Centre, Music Appreciation Centre, Digital Piano Teaching Center, Music Audio Centre, Computer Music Composing Centre, Apple Design Working Centre, Film and Animation Working Centre, and Printmaking Working Centre, etc., were constructed for practical training and teaching.


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