School of Training

  The School of Training, relying on the rich red resources surrounding Jinggangshan area, undertakes the cultivation of Party Spirit, Party Conduct, Party Discipline and Jinggangshan Revolutionary Tradition as its major contents, aiming for staff from universities, public and party institutions and enterprises as its main target participants.


  The School of Training has put great emphasis on innovation of cultivation contents, modification of cultivation methods, integration of cultivation resources and improvement of cultivation quality. Currently, it has developed more than 100 teaching courses, built more than 30 on-site teaching spots, created 1 stage show and recorded 3 live video-tapes. In addition, 1 experience teaching spot, 2 sets of emotion teaching approaches and 5 types of interview teaching have been created, forming a multi-dimension, multi-perspective and all-round-immersion cultivation approach with on-site teaching as its core and supplemented by lectures-attending, personal experience, live show-watching, personal involvement, videotape-watching, interview, and red song singing.


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